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Presenting Scientific Research Through Soundscape Composition and Audio Installations

An untapped potential exists in the dialogue between science and sound art. In addition to the well-established field of sonification, in which scientific understandings are presented by way of crafting a sonic representation of data, the substantive insights of the scientific mind can be presented to both the public and the scientific community in the form of soundscape compositions.

The Acoustic Ecology Institute has recently initiated a new project which seeks to illustrate the ways that the imaginitive mind of the sound artist can illustrate research findings and stimulate new questions worthy of consideration by social and physical scientists. We are beginning this project by highlighting the work of two members of our Board of Directors, Steve Feld and David Dunn. Over the next few months, we will expand this portion of the site to feature other scientists, artists, and artist/scientists who are also exploring the possibilities that can be developed as researchers look beyond the written word for ways to share their findings in acoustic science.


Introductory essay with sound samples: Research Reports for the Ears [GO THERE]

Steve Feld: An Anthropology of Sound, In Sound [GO THERE]

David Dunn: Bark Beetles and the Acoustic Ecology of Pinyon Pines [GO THERE]

Websites of others doing interesting work [GO THERE]

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