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Wind Turbine Sound webinar, Tuesday July 13

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I’ll be one of three presenters at what promises to be an informative 90-minute webinar taking place on Tuesday July 13.  It’s one of a series of wind energy programs being produced by the New England Wind Energy Education Project, a DOE-funded public information effort.  My piece will add a look at the experiential reports of wind farm neighbors, as well as the few studies we have that help clarify how common noise disturbances are around wind farms (hint: it’s much more than many people think, but also less than some believe); I also take a stab at understanding the variable responses of people hearing the same levels of sound/noise.  Joining me on the panel are Mark Bastasch, who will provide a primer on noise measurement and the sources of wind turbine sounds, and Ken Kalinsky, who will focus largely on the various approaches to regulating wind farm noise.  The three 20-minute presentations will be followed by a discussion and question and answer session that will last for roughly a half hour or so.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday July 13, from 2-3:30pm Eastern Daylight Time.  You must pre-register to receive login information.
For more information on this free webinar, see this PDF information sheet.  You can register from there by email; or, just use this email link and request registration information for Webinar #2.

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