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The following is the bibliography from an AEI report on seismic airguns.

From an report on seismic airguns

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[Available from].

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(more concise reporting of results from APPEA report listed below)

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November 29th, 2002.

Web resources

Aquatics Bioacoustics Laboratory, University of Maryland
Hearing thresholds for fish:
Research summary: effects of intense sound on fish:

Changing Climate for Offshore Surveys (or, No Seismic Sound Source is Small Enough), USGS Soundwaves newsletter, August 1999. Report on the regulatory and mitigation process and costs for a geology survey off the California coast using a small (40 cubic inch) airgun.

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE)
Parent of NOPP and

Dolman, Sarah, Owen, Daniel E.C.M. Parsons, Chris, Simmonds, Mark P. Swift, René, Weilgart, Lindy, Oceans of Noise, Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society, May 2003.

Lithoprobe ESCOOT (Eastern Canadian Shield Onshore-Offshore Transect) 1996. Web site describing a geologic seismic survey in northeastern Canada. Seismic source was an airgun array (6 x 16.4 litre), fired from CCGS Hudson at 60 s intervals (ca. 130 m). Includes maps showing results down to 40km deep.

Maurice Ewing photos of airguns in action
looking aft at 20-gun array
closeup of bubbles on surface from firing guns
(another shot of an airgun array on board a ship):

Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico Region website

National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP)
Document: Toward a US Plan for an Integrated, Sustained Ocean Observing System Integrated and Sustained Ocean Observing System (IOOS). Coordination of regional observing systems.

Office of Naval Research Environmental Consequences of Underwater Sound (ECOUS) conference report and abstracts

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, NOAA.
Tutorial on ocean noise. Includes good info on technical noise measurement issues.
Airgun sample

UK database of oil and gas exploration; can generate maps of historic activity

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